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About BlockCityP2C

"There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch."

BlockCityP2C is an online community for conversations and commerce. We will offer all who wish to talk a chance to join for Free, but you will not be able to access all areas of the Site or receive gifts and special news from our Brands. We will be using Blockchain technology, AI and a team of real people to vet all members so that they are real persons. 


It is our goal to vet all members here via a payment system so that each Resident connects with a real person, brand or organization. You can sign up for now with an Email, but we will vet people every thirty days who have not verified their identity by purchasing a "Starter Home" or being a Sponsor.


How’s it work?

  • Founders and sponsors pay to build the city

  • Residents pay rent. You can get a “Starter Home” in BlockCityP2C for only TEN CENTS a day. 

  • Why should you Join an online community and pay money when others are free? Technically they pretend to be free, but they do make money by selling your private info to advertisers. We’re going to be honest here at BlockCityP2C. We expect you to have conversations, but also to shop and buy. We’re going to reward you for joining by sending monthly gift boxes. One box will be a physical gift box from us and sponsors and the others will be digital gifts.


You get to discover new artists and businesses and buy stuff like movies and toys and music and items for your home in BlockCityP2C and you can get those same items in your real home.

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